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 Poetry Is My SupHER Power

Best of the Net
Poetry Nominee (2021)

I am thrilled to share the release of my latest book:

Poetry Is My SupHER Power

Released in April 0f 2023, Poetry is My SupHER Power is a compilation of the works that have ignited my creative passion. With chapters dedicated to Advocacy (I will always be one), Beauty (it ain't all pretty), Grief (the most challenging part of life) and Aging (correcting lies told, with truths experienced).

Urban Desert

I imagine it is a joy to begin one's day with succulent fruit for those who are able,

For me, a medley of delicious, nourishing berries is often missing from my table.

I dwell within a desert, but not the one that first comes to mind,

My urban desert is man-made, a quality grocery store is nearly impossible to find.

Yet, bourbon beer and scotch are all right within my reach.

I have many options to purchase whiskey, but none for a fresh apple or peach.

Oh, how I would love a meal comprised of savory carrots and leafy greens,

But it appears that liquor, sweets and cigarettes are the only sustenance I need.

*Best of the Net Nominated Poem, 2021

My hope is that readers will find at least one poem that inspires, motivates, lights a fire in them or simply touches their heart!

With Love,


Author, Poet, Speaker


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Children's Books


Author Janea D. Harris, owner Supherbooks, LLC and Illustrator/Concept Artist Kimiyo Nishio introduce their latest collaboration, “Through the Window of WINTER, the RABBIT.


The inspiring story of a rabbit named Winter, who must spend most of her time indoors, away from others to remain healthy.


Based on the real-life story of my daughter who is immunocompromised and who has persevered, even though she has had to stay mostly inside and away from her friends due to the pandemic. Like many children her life changed dramatically at the onset of the pandemic, yet she has not given up on her passions and her friends have not given up on her.


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Author Janea D. Harris introduces the story of Kye and her brave group of dynamic friends as they discover that they all have “SupHER Powers” that allow them to advocate for themselves and for others.


Join them on their adventures as they use the Power of Voice.

All girls possess these special powers and with the right support and inspiration they too can discover their inner SupHER Powers!



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"The Power of Voice"

"Through the Window of, 
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